Your Impact on Bible Translation

Greg Pruett

To our donors:

You are participating in one of the greatest movements of God in history. The Bible translation movement is experiencing phenomenal growth. It is supernatural. Only God could do this!

You are providing crucial resources for making God’s living and active Word available to “…every tribe, tongue, and language.” I hope this annual report causes you to praise God for all He is doing— and to thank Him for inviting you to the party!

That All May Know Him,



The Worldwide Bible Translation Movement

The children curiously followed the American visitors through the Asian village market. To their surprise one man turned and asked in their language if they had ever heard of Jesus. “No,” came their puzzled response, “not at all. What is a Jesus?” These children give faces to the 160 million people still needing Bible translation— and to all who still wait to encounter Jesus. Through your partnership you are impacting people all over the world who live with no Scripture and no church.


Languages and People

The Yalunka of West Africa have gone from being Bibleless to having the entire Bible in their heart language. The Yalunka church, once very small, is now a vibrant and growing network of churches and small groups. They are sending evangelists and teachers to make Jesus known to their own people and among neighboring people groups. Once a mission project, they are now partners in fulfilling the Great Commission. This is our vision for every one of our 84 projects, including the 18 that you helped start in 2017.


Translated Scripture

Dorcas smiled joyfully as she held the New Testament in her own language for the first time. She and other men, women, and children of the Mbore people in Papua New Guinea received this treasure in July. Your gifts enabled our missionaries and national teammates to maintain a rigorous pace of drafting and thoroughly checking Scripture in 2017. You are accelerating the translation of God’s Word for Bibleless people around the world. Bring on the smiles!

Pioneer Bible Translators has published 300,089 verses, including 3 complete Bibles and 16 New Testaments, since 1976.


A Worldwide Team

Silas lives in a North African country ravaged by ongoing civil war. When the missionaries who equipped him to draft Scripture into his heart language needed to evacuate, he continued translating, motivated by a deep desire for his people to have God’s Word. Because of your gifts, Silas and his people now have Matthew, Mark, Acts, James, and 1 John—Scripture that brings light and healing to a traumatized community. National teammates like Silas are vital partners in fulfilling the vision of seeing churches using Scripture to grow, mature and multiply.


Top 3% of Charities

Charity Navigator awarded their highest rating to Pioneer Bible Translators in 2017 for the seventh consecutive year. According to Charity Navigator, America’s largest and most-utilized independent evaluator of charities, this places us in the top 3% of charities they rank for transparency and fiscal accountability. As you give and as you pray, you are fulfilling the vision of seeing transformed lives through God’s Word in every language.

Most Recent Audited Financials


2016 Revenue


2016 Expenses

Pioneer Bible Translators operates debt-free.

The 2016 Audited Financials were published in June 2017 and are available online. The 2017 Audited Financials will be published in mid-2018.