Your Impact on Bible Translation

Greg Pruett

Dear fellow servants of Jesus,

You are changing eternity! Faced with countless opportunities to accomplish good things in 2018, you chose to invest in bringing together the only two things in this world that last forever: the Word of God, and the souls of people. You chose to change the world, not just for a day but for forever.

Thank you for participating in one of the greatest movements of God in history. I hope you will praise Him repeatedly for all that He is doing as you read this annual report.

That All May Know Him,



The Worldwide Bible Translation Movement

Faiza fled the atrocities of civil war in North Africa. She now lives in a refugee camp where some of her own people are translating God’s Word into her heart language. As she hears the words of Jesus she ponders how they can change her life. She is hearing them because of your generosity. Your gifts in 2018 also launched new efforts to reach Deaf communities around the world, enabled recruitment and training of missionaries from Brazil and Ukraine, and funded the beginnings of a new partnership in Poland. You are taking God’s Word to people all over the world.


Languages and People

The Aruamu people of Papua New Guinea received the New Testament over a decade ago, and the words of Jesus continue to transform their lives. They have established a Bible college to train evangelists and missionaries, and their translation team continues working sacrificially to give the entire Bible to their people. You are enabling the Aruamu to become partners in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Translated Scripture

Abou lives in a place where corruption and injustice breed hopelessness and despair. You are changing his future through the gift of heart-language Scripture. Your generosity in 2018 enabled our missionaries and national teammates to continue their rigorous pace of carefully drafting and checking Scripture. You are accelerating the translation of God’s Word for Abou and for other Bibleless people around the world.


A Worldwide Team

Salimon can’t stop telling others about Jesus. He began following Christ after hearing the New Testament in his heart language. Despite severe persecution, he and other believers intend to plant churches in every Yalunka village and in the six unreached people groups that surround them. Salimon and other national teammates―men and women who translate Scripture and make disciples—are vital partners in fulfilling the vision of seeing churches using Scripture to grow, mature, and multiply. Your gifts make their work possible.


Top 2% of Charities

Charity Navigator awarded their highest rating to Pioneer Bible Translators in 2018 for the eighth consecutive year. According to Charity Navigator, America’s largest and most-utilized independent evaluator of charities, this places us in the top 2% of charities they rank for transparency and fiscal accountability. As you give and as you pray, you are fulfilling the vision of seeing transformed lives through God’s Word in every language.

Most Recent Audited Financials


2017 Revenue


2017 Expenses

Pioneer Bible Translators operates debt-free.

The 2017 Audited Financials were published in June 2018 and are available online. The 2018 Audited Financials will be published in mid-2019.