Am I ready to be a missionary?

We recognize there are no perfect missionaries and acknowledge each one of us has made choices in life which fell short of the glory of God. In addition, we know every person has been inflicted and wounded by life’s experiences, both through our own choices and the choices of others. Since our prayer is to help missionaries accomplish the goals God puts before them, we want to see how potential recruits have healed from these experiences, temptations, hurts and are living in God’s grace before we put them in a climate where there is less support, accountability and resources for personal growth.

In order to assess what wounds and hurts still need focused measures for healing, we administer the following steps:

  • Obtain three references
  • Give applicants three psychological tests: Taylor-Johnson, D.I.S.K. and Millon

Note: These tests are designed to help individuals “know thyself”. Through these tests you will learn more about how God has wired you, how you like to be encouraged, the kinds of activities which energize you and drain you emotionally. In addition, these tests ask probing questions about some of the hurts and pains you have experienced. We fully believe our God is a redeeming God and that He is able to use our victories, gifts, pains and struggles when He has taken hold of us.  In the same breath we also know some choices and circumstances have impacted us beyond full comprehension. Thus, we want to identify areas of weakness, struggles and pain, and see where God has brought success so that we can do our part to replicate those successes.

  • Conduct a “Readiness for Ministry” interview with a trained counselor.

Our professional staff takes this step to help missionaries see the successes God has brought in their life and to identify potential areas which could cripple us on the mission field.

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