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Campaign Update: Spring 2013

Never in history has there been such momentum. The Bible translation movement is growing at an unprecedented rate. What seemed impossible a few years ago is materializing before our eyes—the New Testament translated into every language on earth with a network of churches using these Scriptures to grow and multiply, all by the year 2050.

Pioneer Bible Translators has a unique role in this movement. Our missionary teams move into remote and primitive locations among Bibleless, unreached people groups. They plant churches while translating the Bible from Greek and Hebrew directly into the heart language of the people they serve. God has opened the door and is moving us into untouched and difficult fields—places like North Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Within Our Reach has generated more than $1.8 million in gifts and pledges! These funds have provided urgently-needed facilities for our national co-workers in Papua New Guinea. They are propelling us toward completion of six New Testaments in East Africa by 2013. They are enabling us to develop the infrastructure to serve in East Asia, the Caucasus region, and other areas. What a fantastic first half!

West Africa

Our team in West Africa is ministering to 11 language groups—over 6 million people—through Scripture translation, literacy training and evangelism. Many of our language projects are in production mode. As each book of the Bible is translated, it is printed and used for evangelism and discipleship. The opportunity is huge as many of these language groups are less than 1% Christian.

East Africa

Our team in East Africa is partnering with The Seed Company and The Word for the World in implementing an innovative strategy in which Bible translation and literacy are done simultaneously within a cluster of related languages. Work on our first cluster is progressing rapidly and the Bible is being translated in 15 languages for seven million people.


We serve nearly half a million Bibleless, churchless people in North Eurasia. We are on track to complete the translation of the entire Bible for one people group by 2014. New missionaries are launching into new areas. Language surveys are underway to identify strategic translation projects and the placement of additional missionaries.

International Field Development

Fulfilling our vision by 2050 hinges largely on developing new projects in strategic areas of need. We are growing at such an incredible rate that we have doubled the number of countries where we serve over the last four years. We are now moving into the last, vast areas of Bibleless, churchless people groups who have remained cut off from Bible Translation by cultural, spiritual, and political barriers.

International Service Center

We boldly asked God to double our workforce, both at home and abroad—and it is happening! The International Service Center in Dallas, Texas is the hub of Pioneer Bible Translators’ global ministry—training, sending and supporting missionaries worldwide. As God expands our team, additional space is necessary to complete His mission. Our first new building is complete thanks to many of you. We are ready to begin our next building as soon as funds are available.

Will you join us in prayerfully asking God to enable His people to provide these funds on behalf of Bibleless people who eagerly desire His Word? Will you pray, even right now, about how you can help finish the task of Bible translation? Your gifts are enabling us to begin working in new areas where people are hungry for God’s Word!

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Your partnership with Pioneer Bible Translators is enabling unparalleled progress. Your prayers and financial gifts are empowering a new generation to meet the needs of the world’s Bibleless, churchless people groups. God is at work.

This generation can finish the task of Bible translation.

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