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Greg Pruett

Greg Pruett is a missionary with Pioneer Bible Translators and has served as our President since January 2007. Prior to that, Greg and his wife Rebecca, along with their three children, ministered as Bible translators in West Africa for 12 and a half years. The people they serve now have the first full Bible translated primarily by Pioneer Bible Translators missionaries!

Greg frequently shares with the Pioneer Bible Translators worldwide team that “prayer is the strategy.” Greg leads Pioneer Bible Translators as a man of prayer, vision, enthusiasm, and determination. All of these qualities allowed the Pruetts’ ministry in West Africa to thrive. Whether it was their translation work, literacy classes, evangelistic outreach, front porch medical clinic, clean water initiatives, or agricultural development, God used the Pruett family to transform lives in an area of West Africa and help begin a movement to Christ among followers of another world religion that will impact generations to come.

Greg has a degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A & M University, a Masters from Fuller Theological Seminary, and training in applied linguistics from SIL. He is currently a doctoral student at Fuller Theological Seminary. Greg had the honor of serving as president of the 2003 National Missionary Convention. These educational and leadership experiences have enhanced the abilities God has placed in Greg.

Greg is a dynamic speaker, often speaking on the Biblical Theology of Mission, vision-casting for what God is doing around the world in Missions, or sharing vivid stories of incredible field experiences. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to spend time with Greg Pruett and hear him inspire people to serve Christ with their lives.

Dr. Jerry Chubb

Dr. Jerry Chubb is a passionate advocate of Pioneer Bible Translators’ ministry. He serves as an associate of Pioneer Bible Translators’ Board of Directors, working particularly in the areas of Personnel and Church Mobilization. Dr. Chubb uses his wealth of knowledge and life experience to provide encouragement and oversight to this spectacular, world-changing ministry.

Dr. Chubb’s educational background includes undergrad work in Experimental Psychology and a Master’s and PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He is a tenured professor at the Ohio State University in the Department of Aviation. His wife Suzanne assists Jerry in his ministry with Pioneer Bible Translators and they also strive to take time to visit with their four grown children. As they near retirement, they have made it their ambition to spend increasingly longer periods of time trying to help churches realize how essential and strategic Pioneer Bible Translators’ ministry is.

Dr. Chubb’s leadership experience as an elder in his church, licensed counselor, ordained minister, teacher, and committed local church volunteer provides him with unique insights into how your church can capture a missions vision. Jerry’s desire is that he and Suzanne make their retirement years count for something that will outlive them. Pioneer Bible Translators is extremely blessed to have wonderful “finishers” like the Chubbs on its team. You will be blessed to spend time with Jerry and listen to him share God’s vision for reaching out to the almost-forgotten peoples of the world through Pioneer Bible Translators.

Marsha Relyea Miles

Marsha Relyea Miles is a missionary with Pioneer Bible Translators, and has served as a Bible translator in Papua New Guinea for 23 years. Together with her late husband John and their 3 children, Marsha has lovingly ministered among the Aruamu people group, a group of approximately 10,000 people who live in remote hamlets in the rainforest. When the Relyeas began work with the Aruamu, the language had no written alphabet. The Relyeas have learned the Aruamu language and culture by living and interacting with the people on a grass-roots level. They have analyzed the grammatical system and sound system of the language, and have developed an alphabet for the language. They have worked with Aruamu leaders to develop an extensive literacy program to teach Aruamus to read. John and Marsha worked with a large team of Aruamu people to translate and publish the New Testament in Aruamu. Tragically, John died in Papua New Guinea in 2005, just as the New Testament was being printed. Marsha continues involvement with the Aruamu translation team with exegetical/advisor assistance as they translate the Old Testament.

Marsha currently serves as Director of Church Mobilization and Development with Pioneer Bible Translators. She had the privilege of serving as President of the 2007 National Missionary Convention. She is an extremely moving speaker and has shared with deep, motivating impact at many conferences, college campuses, retreats and mission events. She holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from Ozark Christian College and a Masters in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington. Marsha has recently married Nathan Miles of the United Bible Societies. Together they are blending a large family of 6 children, 6 grandchildren, and counting!

You don’t want to miss hearing Marsha Miles speak about missions and Bible Translation Ministry going on in the far corners of the world! God has given Marsha a passionate heart for world evangelism and a very compelling story to tell, drawn from front-line missions experience, sitting in the dirt in steamy jungles sharing with people about the Lord and translating the scriptures for them. Her inspiring challenge to missions involvement comes through with bold eloquence.

Our Mission

Pioneer Bible Translators exists to disciple the Bibleless, mobilizing God’s people to provide enduring access to God’s Word.

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