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We believe one of the best ways to discern if God is leading an individual to become a long-term missionary is to experience cross-cultural ministry first hand. For this reason, each summer we offer multiple, internship opportunities (two weeks of pre-field orientation and six to eight weeks overseas).

Our greatest hope for the summer internship program is for our interns to grow in intimacy with God and in hearing his voice as they come face to face with his heart for the world. Our heart is to equip them to thrive in an overseas setting and to journey alongside them as they explore the Lord’s leading on their life.

Pre-Field Orientation is intentionally designed to help students prepare for their time on the field. During these two weeks, interns receive hands-on training in language acquisition, team formation, cultural anthropology, spiritual formation, and conflict resolution. They participate in interactive team-building activities under the direction and mentorship of certified life-coaches. They get to know many of Pioneer Bible Translators’ missionaries, as well as learn firsthand our vision for a network of churches growing and multiplying as we provide enduring access to the Word of God in the language a community understands best. In addition, interns get to participate in a myriad of opportunities – Bible translation demonstrations, literacy equipping sessions, disciple-making strategies, community development, and support ministries.

During their time overseas, activities are designed to help students acquire a broader vision of God’s world, gain further insight into His heart for the unreached, and to receive more data about the person God has designed each of them to be. The internships are organized to walk interns into the day-to-day life situations of our missionaries on the field.

**As you are aware, there are many circumstances that have disrupted many plans over the course of the last couple years (COVID, wars, political unrest, etc.). Although we are moving forward with plans for international travel, please be aware that all trips and travel are subject to circumstances out of our control. We will continue to watch, pray and keep internship applicants updated on any potential disruptions. The following descriptions are our hopes for what the 2023 summer internships will look like if travel restrictions, health and safety allow.**

Summer 2023 Internships


Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Overseas Internships Like?

Our internships are designed to be a microcosm for what a long-term missionary encounters, both in preparation and on the field. An intern’s summer is filled with both observational and hands-on activities to introduce them to the many facets of the Bible translation ministry (literacy, church planting, support work, discipleship of nationals, etc.). All of these experiences are part of an intern’s quest to see how God can use them in the wide range of ministries that Pioneer Bible Translators offers.

Our teams usually consist of 3-4 students (generally college-aged) and a team coach, who serves as a facilitator, leader and guide. Since we want students to see a broad range of ministry and cultural learning activities, most internship teams travel to multiple ministry allocations throughout the summer. They will also rub shoulders with multiple missionaries, their families and the behind-the-scene activities that are at the heart of what it takes to be a missionary.

On any given day, one might:

  • participate in a literacy workshop with veteran missionaries
  • assist in a back translation or village check of a passage of Scripture
  • work alongside national translators as they edit, revise and discuss word usage in translation
  • practice language learning in an open market
  • go on a prayer walk
  • show the Jesus film
  • worship in a village church
  • go trekking (distributing Scripture) to a remote village
  • observe how the nationals incorporate various art forms into their worship
  • learn about the local culture and bond with nationals through hunting, fishing, drinking tea, picking peanuts, cooking, fixing thatched roofs, or whatever other adventure God takes you on


While it is NOT a requirement to know one definitely wants to be a long-term missionary, we ask every applicant to be OPEN to the idea of serving overseas as a vocational missionary. Applicants who are just looking for a fun experience or to participate in a short-term mission trip will not be a good fit for this program.

Can I Get School Credit?

Most likely. Pioneer Bible Translators has a long history of working alongside both Christian universities and state colleges to meet the academic and service-learning requirements each respective institution requires in order to receive school credit. We are open to dialoguing with your university to determine if one of our trips will meet their goals for your internship experience.

How Much Do Internships Cost?

Overseas internships range in cost from $4,500 to $6,500. Stateside internships can vary in cost. These budgets include the cost of training alongside our overseas teams, as well as living expenses. We are sometimes able to assist with low cost housing options, which keeps the cost much lower than our overseas trips.

Can I Raise Support For My Internship?

Absolutely. In fact, we highly encourage interns to get the full experience of being a missionary by going through the process of raising both financial and prayer support.

What Kinds Of Interns Are You Looking For?

We are praying for God to send us teachable, humble and servant-hearted followers of Jesus who are investigating how God may want to use them to impact and build his Kingdom.

How Do I Apply?

You can apply for an internship by contacting one of our recruiters via email or phone. After dialoguing with you about which internship allocation is the best fit for your interests, they will send you an information packet including:

  • An electronic application
  • Electronic reference forms
  • Sample budgets

Click here to send us a message. (Be sure to select the ‘recruitment’ category.) Or call the recruitment department at (214) 699-4221.

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