Are you a licensed counselor with experience on the mission field?

Counselors walk beside our teammates, helping them navigate through transitional stress and the challenges that come from serving in foreign lands among peoples of different cultures.

We are looking for licensed counselors who will serve in preventative care, training, relational development and team formation. Due to the specialized care our counselors administer, applicants must have at least a master’s degree in counseling with either 5 years of on-field missionary experience or 5 years of clinical practice.

Training Requirements

Requirements for positions may vary depending on speciality, location of service, and anticipated length of service. Contact a recruiter to inquire about requirements that may be specific to your ministry.

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Nathan Davenport, director of recruitment
Nathan Davenport

Director of Recruitment

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Agriculture Recruiter
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Pioneer Bible Translators of Canada
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Internship Coordinator
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