Teaching Missionary Kids

Are you gifted with the ability to teach, a heart for children and possess an ability to adapt to the needs of a missionary family?

Teachers of missionary children invest in the lives of their students and enable the parents of those students to continue to serve full time in their ministry roles. Since many of our missionary families reside in allocations where schools are inaccessible, we have a great need for teachers who will educate our children overseas.

Many families have an existing curriculum and actively pray for someone who will take over the day-to-day classroom responsibilities. These families simply need tutors who can facilitate the curriculum already developed for their children. Some families desire for someone with a college degree to create, develop and administer an age-appropriate curriculum based upon the teacher’s experiences.

Training Requirements

Requirements for support positions may vary depending on speciality, location of service, and anticipated length of service. Contact a recruiter to inquire about requirements that may be specific to your ministry.

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