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Extreme Strategic Prayer Requests

  • May we and our partners see churches with Scripture transforming every language community on Earth by 2050.
  • “Enable your servants to speak your Word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus” (Acts 4:29-30). Empower us, Lord, to help more people decide to follow Jesus, get baptized, and gather into churches.
  • Please help our team have perfect unity and growing ethnic diversity so that the world may believe that Jesus is for everyone.
  • Help us in the ETEN Impact Alliance translate full Bibles in all the languages over 500,000 speakers by 2033.
  • Help us in the ETEN Impact Alliance translate New Testaments for every language over 5,000 speakers by 2033 and portions in every viable language with fewer than 5,000 speakers by 2033.

So Jesus answered them, “Trust God! I’m telling you absolutely that if you say to this mountain, ‘May God pick you up and toss you into the ocean,’ and if you aren’t a skeptic in your heart but rather you trust that what you say will happen, then it will.” – Mark 11:22-23

Pray that God will move these mountains so that we will see churches using Scripture to grow, mature, and multiply in every language on Earth by 2050:
  • God, please move our number of projects from 106 to at least 130 in 2024.
  • God, please move our finished translation projects from 23 New Testaments and 4 Bibles published to 32 New Testaments, 13 New Testament equivalents, and 7 Bibles published by 2024.
  • God, please miraculously move these translation teams through the final stages to publication: a Bible in South Asia, a New Testament in North Africa, the Apal New Testament in Papua New Guinea, and one New Testament and three Bibles in West Africa.
  • God, please increase the progress rate of our translation projects so that each one completes the equivalent of at least 4% of a Bible each year by 2024.
  • God, please move our team to implement Disciple Making Movement training and start self-propagating Bible studies in all language projects.
  • God, please move our Scripture Impact Revitalization projects from 5 to 20 by 2024.
  • God, please move your people to pray in the prayer tower at our International Service Center 10 hours a day by 2024.
  • God, please move the right new hearing and Deaf teammates onto our team so that we end 2024 with 700.
  • God, please move our number of overseas teammates so that we end 2024 with 360 career cross-cultural workers.
  • God, please help our teammates at our International Service Center learn ASL so we can communicate with our Deaf coworkers.
  • God, move your people to provide critically needed financial resources by 2024:
    • $4.5 million for a Global Sending and Sign Language Center
    • $3 million for sign language translations
    • $500 thousand for our Global Partnerships
    • $1.5 million for Verse by Verse
    • $11 million for the General and Growth Funds
  • God, please move 30 awesome new teammates to our fields from outside the U.S. by 2024.
  • God, please move these people to join our team:
    • Global prayer coordinator
    • Teachers for missionary kids in almost all of our fields
    • Additional training coaches
    • 1 IT systems administrator
  • God, please help us find long-term approaches to residence in the countries where we need to work.
  • God, please keep dangerous crises and lawsuits away from our team and help us manage risks.
  • God, please remove the burden of healthcare and insurance costs for all of us, especially by protecting all of our teams from debilitating illnesses that hinder our work and raise our costs.

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We believe the single greatest way we can help a hurting world is to give them God’s Word.

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