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Bible Translators in Ukraine Ask for Your Help

You can help the people of Ukraine right now

In response to the current crisis in Ukraine, gifts received will be used to bring relief to displaced Ukrainians.

Those translating the Bible in Ukraine are now in a strategic position to help respond to the current crisis.

According to our Ukrainian colleagues, the following efforts are now underway:

  1. Helping evacuate people from war zones 
  2. Helping refugees and churches affected by the war
  3. Providing food, water and heating supplies

Ukrainians desperately need your help right now.

Funds received in excess of these needs will be applied to the work of Bible translation in Ukraine.

Pioneer Bible Translators of Ukraine LogoPioneer Bible Translators of Ukraine is a partner organization of Pioneer Bible Translators. They seek to mobilize the churches in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union to serve the Bibleless and the unreached. Through this partnership, people are recruited, equipped and sent as missionaries to those people groups located in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, and also beyond wherever God is calling them. As part of  the Pioneer Bible Global Movement, they endeavor to fill the gaps to complete the remaining worldwide translation needs by 2050.

Pioneer Bible Translators is a U.S. nonprofit corporation recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) exempt organization. All gifts to PIoneer Bible Translators for its ministry and work in Ukraine are under the control and discretion of Pioneer Bible Translators and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Consider giving through your checking or savings account online: choose the “Give Online” option above and select EFT as your payment type.

Make checks payable to Pioneer Bible Translators and mail them to:

Pioneer Bible Translators Finance OfficeAttn: Ukraine PartnershipPO Box 380820Duncanville, TX 75138-0820


All contributions are made with the understanding that Pioneer Bible Translators has complete control and administration over the use of donated funds. All contributions to Pioneer Bible Translators are tax deductible for United States income tax purposes.

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