What does the application process look like?

If in the process of listening to the Lord, discerning His Will, and praying with believers who are full of God’s Wisdom you decide you want an application…

  • Let the recruitment team know what you are thinking. Use our contact form to send our recruitment team a message. Use the category drop-down to select Recruitment. They will probably spray paint your name on a bridge somewhere, dance around the office, and plan to name a future elementary school after you.
  • Your recruiter will send you an electronic application, walking you step by step what you need to do: fill out an application, get three references, fill out a background screen, write your statement of faith, slay a dragon, save the princess and collect $200 for passing Go… ok, we’re not funny. The last three are only required for some fields.
  • Send your requests for reference to those you have chosen. Remember to have them mailed directly to Pioneer Bible Translators.
  • Request your official transcripts to be mailed to the Pioneer Bible Translators. (7255 W. Camp Wisdom, Dallas, TX  75236 Attention: Recruitment)
  • Mail in your psych tests. There is a seven to eight week turnaround for psych test analysis. The countdown begins when we receive the completed tests from you.
  • Set up an interview with our counseling staff. (see Am I Ready to be a Missionary?)

Then your complete file will go before the review committee where our team will prayerfully consider if there are any reasons why we should slow down this process.

Once the review committee approves your application for membership, you will receive an official letter from the President welcoming you to the team. You will be assigned a Training Coach—someone who has 15-25 years of missionary and mentoring experience. They will be the ones who help you set up your training program (see What Kind of Training Will I Need?), help you put together your budget, help you navigate the waters of becoming a field missionary.

Contact a Recruiter

Nathan Davenport, director of recruitment
Nathan Davenport

Director of Recruitment

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Rachel Owsley
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Matt Weldy
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Noah Spikes
Agriculture Recruiter
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Inga Richardson
Pioneer Bible Translators of Canada
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Internship Coordinator
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