Who chooses where I go, and does Pioneer Bible Translators send teams?

Pioneer Bible Translators’ prayer is to walk alongside of missionaries to help them accomplish the goals God puts before them. Each individual missionary and/or team has a huge say in where they end up on the field as our collective world-wide team discerns the leading of God. The process for helping people figure out which field they should serve (and which roles they should fill) is an ongoing act of listening to God’s direction, a continuing dialogue with all pertinent fields and communication between the missionary recruit and their Training Coach. At no point in the process are missionaries told where they “have” to go. Rather it is an ongoing communication of their desires and faithful response to God’s promptings.

Teams generally come together when:

  • Individuals (or couples) feel led to join an existing branch and ministry need amongst an unreached people group.
  • Individuals or couples put together a team on their own and begin praying about pioneering a new field or known need within an existing branch.

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